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Pink Bubbles


Toy Poodle


Each bath includes the following:

  • Ear cleaning

  • Blueberry facial

  • Shampoo (fit to coat type)

  • Conditioner (fit to coat type)

  • External anal gland expression (upon request)

  • Hand blow dry

  • Brush out (zoom groom or brush&comb)

  • Scented finishing spray

  • Nail trim

  • Cute accessory


Pricing starting at:

S (up to 25lbs)


M (up to 50lbs)


L​ (up to 70lbs)


Grooming Salon

Tidy Up

The Tidy Up includes:

  • Everything from the bath package

  • Face 

  • Feet

  • Tail

  • Flyaways

This service keeps the haircut maintained in between full grooms. ​

Pricing starting at:

S (up to 25lbs)


M (up to 50lbs)


L (up to 70lbs)


Full Grooming

Full Groom

The Full Groom includes:

  • Everything from the bath package

  • Haircut of your choosing

*Recommended every 4-6 weeks*​

Pricing starting at:

S (up to 25lbs)



M (26 to 50lbs)


L (51 to 70lbs)


Groomed Dog

Ad Ons

Whitening Shampoo- $10

De Shedding Shampoo- $10

De Shedding Treatment- $40

Teethbrushing- $10

Nail Dremel- $10

Nail Polish- $10

Opawz Hair Color-$40+



*De-Matting is offered depending on severity and if tolerated by the pet.- $10+

Dog Spa

Luxury Ad Ons

Paw-dicure- $20

Bodhi Dog Certified Organic Paw Balm massaged into the pads to remoisturize, Nail dremel & or polish


Massage- $20

Ten minutes of gentle massage to help relax the muscles and alleviate stress. 

Pink Marble

*Prices are a rough estimate and subject to change depending on size of the dog, condition of the coat, and temperament.*



A luxury mobile pet grooming service focusing on quality over quantity, in a one-to-one environment. 

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